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About 1MM

A nonprofit Veterans Education Financial and Entrepreneurship Fund.

Our mission is to serve the recently separated Veteran students. The GI Bill living stipend is not enough to live on; therefore a second job is required.

Enter 1MM Company.

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Our Story

We understand the stress and confusion of attending college or trade school.   Add to that the acclimation back to civilian life.  The 1MM Company can help the Veteran student make good part time money remotely.  This gives Veteran Students the ability to live independently and have flexible schedules for school and personal life.

1MM nonprofit will help Veteran students create their own laser engraving business.  While learning entrepreneurship they will contract with 1MM at $5 per card.  Takes 5 hours a day to make 100 cards a week.  Earning them up to $500 weekly.

Meet The Team

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